Past Commissions

Lone Buffalo and Boone the dog were commission pieces given as gifts.
This custom piece was done based off a "twisty tree" that I did & her back tattoo. The customer also wanted the moon phases and a green color to match her wall.
Mr. Geoff Seal named this piece "My Two Vices" to represent beautiful ladies & beautiful jewelry. I added glitter to the necklace to make it blingy.
This was done for Mr. Seal as well. It was originally a watercolor and he wanted a black & white acrylic version.

This reference photo was out of a calendar.

This was the sketch Mr. Seal drew up as my reference piece.
This was done from a reference photo of the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker.  She has resin snowflakes & glitter snow to make her sparkle.

This was done from a reference photo out of a newspaper.  It depicts the Orient & cherry blossoms.   

This was my 1st portrait. I learned a lot about clothes wrinkles and color combinations doing this.
This arrowhead was created on a wood slice from North Carolina.
This dancing flamingo was doing as a memorial piece of a grandma with her tiara.
This was the reference inspiration for the painted piece.

This is a memorial piece- the cardinal, butterfly, flamingo, & peacock feather all represent passed away family members.

This was a Joseph Hagan design of The Black Panther done in acrylic using metallic paint.

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