I worked as an elementary school teacher for 26 years teaching kindergarten and first grade.  My first painting adventure was done at a local paint and sip place held at a brewery while on a date night with my husband (Joseph Hagan). This ignited my passion to become more creative.  I began painting as a relaxing outlet on the weekends. The next step was to begin gathering materials and supplies to build my own painting room in my home.  I increased my knowledge of acrylic painting by watching online tutorials and practicing the skills and techniques taught from others. I attend local markets around the Houston area to display and sell my art.  Others began noticing my work, thus leading to several commission pieces.  Now, my dining room has been totally converted to an art studio. Now, I am happy to say that we have taken the next steps and gotten a store front in our local shopping and historical district, Old Town Spring, Texas! I continue to enjoy creating art and having the flexibility of having a small business.

Lara Hagan