Sold Gallery

Watching the harvest moon

This crow is looking at the metallic harvest moon on an eerie night in the fall.

Bird at night

This little birdy is staying up late to watch the sunset.

What a hoot

Wouldn't it be a hoot just to hang out on a tree?


These bubbles are a colorful expression of fun!

Pink blossoms

Just imagine yourself in Japan and watching the trees bloom.

Swimming bear

This bear is going for a cool swim. He might be on the hunt for his dinner as well.


This was inspired from arrowhead hunting on my fathers' land.

Zen Garden

Hagan Artistry says, "This bamboo garden shall give you peace."

Fat Squirrel

Yeah, he got fat after painting many layers of fur.

Mt. Fuji

This painting was done to capture the beauty of the mountain.

Ladybug Wish

This ladybug is taking a ride on a dandelion seed.

Koi Pond

These fish are enjoying their swim.

Vampire Lips

"Kiss me deadly."
Lita Ford

Floral Cow

Bessie has been in the flower patch!

Gold Lip Drip

Dripping with style.


This was given as a special gift to a mom from her daughter.

Birch trees

These trees are lit up by the sun on a snowy morning.

Green Parrot

This bird is full of colorful feathers and is ready to be on display at the zoo.

Flaming Unicorn Galaxy

Unicorns on fire??? Why not?!?! He has special futuristic powers.

Foxy Lady

This pretty girl is playing shy as she hides under her tail.

Frog on a log

Say "ribbit"!

Foxy Lady on wood

Shy fox painted on real tree log slice.

Yellow bird

This bird has landed on a branch of fuzzy pods.

Volcano stream

It's about to blow!!! You can see the smoke in the horizon.

Sunset Swoop

This captures the sunset and reflections of the lake.

Sunrise Mountains

Mountains by the lake with a monochromatic color scheme.

Tiny Bee and Sunflower

The little pollinator has set his eyes on the prize winning flower.


Ripe and ready to eat.

Stacking Stones

This is just relaxing.

Snail and Shrooms

The snail is just creeping through the forest.

Single Cherry

Just as it is stated... a single cherry.


Time to hit the sea for a ride.

Moonlit Ocean

The sea is rough and the clouds are plentiful in this moonlit view.

Dandelion Wishes

A few seeds have been blown to make all of your rainbow wishes come true.

Red Candle

"Don't you know that it's our love that's burning like a flame." Dokken


Is this Rocky Raccoon? It is not what the Beatles wrote about.

Purple Butterfly

This butterfly has landed on a good spot.

Poppy Field

The sunlight is warming the flowers.

Pink Bird

This bird is perched on a branched in front of the jungle greenery.

Pink Moon

The pink moon is rising over the water with the mountains in the background.

Love of Coffee

Barista skills to get you started in the morning.

Love Splat

Shown here are the chains of love, but with a splat of drama.

Pond in the forest

This is a hidden gem when you find that perfect fishing spot in the middle of the woods.

Lavendar field

Just image the aroma.


Beautiful, yet deadly!

Ladybug wish on wood

This ladybug is taking flight on his wish.

Yellow Chick

The yellow chick has been pecking around in the flowers.


Dad/grandpa is trying to catch a meal.

Fire Phoenix

This was one of my 1st paintings bought by a friend! The phoenix is rising from the fire of the candle.

Sunset Waves

Crashing waves are hitting the beach as the sun is beginning to set.

Desert at Dawn

The morning sky is lighting up the desert with beautiful colors.


Top off your cupcake with fudge, sprinkles, and cherries for a yummy treat.

Cross on the Hill

This has a great perspective. The cross is reaching towards the heavens. This piece also had cloth flowers glued on the hill for a 3D effect in addition to the painted flowers.

Crashing Wave

Watch out for these big waves if you are in the ocean.

Cat Eye

They are always watching!


This bonfire would be great on a cool evening of camping. Fireflies and mist from the lake make it that more serene.

Brown Bunny

This little bunny is relaxing in the field of flowers.

Forest at Night

If you look closely you can see the wildflowers by the path.


The sailboat has landed on shore and is waiting on the next sailors to arrive.

Flowers by the Fence

Spring has started to grow the flowers.

Blue Rose

I painting this and my daughter stole it! Her favorite color is blue. You can see a little heart in the center.

Blue Moon Tree

The tree and the moon have a great relationship. The tree is giving a nightly hug to the moon.

Boating in the Orient

This boater is having a relaxing ride down the stream. The pink blossoms are in full bloom from the cherry trees.

Two Little Pumpkins

These 2 pumpkins were picked by a little girl who spent her own allowance to buy them.


This piece was purchased by a gentleman who loved the color purple (and spooky stuff)!

Watching the blue moon

This little crow found his new home.

Orange Dragon

The orange dragon is fuming a bit because she has found the skull of a long lost friend.

Strawberry Cow

This piece was purchased by a little girl that had on an outfit to match! She was dressed just like this painting from head to toe.

Dancing Ghosts

This ghosts are ready to dance around the room in spooky fun!

Jellyfish Pair

The fluorescent jellyfish are swimming through the seaweed!

Nighttime Gnome

The little gnome has his lantern and fireflies to help light up the night (with the help of a moon and starry night).

Silver Lip Drip

These lips have just bit into some sparkly ooze.

Rainbow Eyes

The eyes are watching. This one has a crayon wax drip over the acrylic painting.

Sunflower and butterfly

The little butterfly has landed on a sunny flower.

Pirate Ship

The pirates are sailing the rough seas.


Space dust is flying!


The little pollinator is having fun in the flower.

Blue flowers

The fence is the backdrop to the blue wildflowers.

Pumpkin man

Pumpkin man loves the fall season.

Fall tree

The leaves are turning all the shades of fire.

Van Ghosts

The ghosts are coming out of the witches brew to do their ghostly haunts.

Purple moon tree

The purple moon is being hugged by the tree silhouette.

Mushroom fantasy forest

Who lives in the mushroom? Maybe a fairy, maybe a gnome, maybe Tinkerbell... Who do you think lives there?

Pink Moon beach

The metallic pink moon is lightining up the shore.

Halloween Gnome

This little gnome is ready for Halloween!

Rainbow and clouds

What is at the end of the rainbow?

3 witches

The witches (and the shadow lurker) are up to no good in the forest!


The background colors really captured the beauty of this flower.

Day of the Dead mask

This is done on a wood slice and the smile was created by a natural wood split.

Springtime Gnome

This happy little gnome just sparkles from head to toe.

Lake Scene Box

This box is great to hold all of your jewels.

Splashy Dog

Splashy dog enjoyed his bath!

Sea Turtle Box

This box swam away to his new home where it will hold all of her jewels.


Get out your tin foil hats to ward off this alien. It was painted on a wood slice.

Jack and Grinch

Mr. Grinch got a hold on Jack this time! This was custom framed by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations.

Galaxy Tree

This might be a tree seen in a galaxy far, far away. This was custom framed by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations.

Pac Man

He was made out of a wood slice.

Ms. Pac Man

Ms. Pac Man was also made out of a wood slice. She has a felt bow on her head as a 3D effect.

The One Eyed Monster

He lives in a forest and comes out at dusk.

Sandcastle by the Beach

Here is a little slice of paradise.

Sunflower Box

The sunflower box has sunflowers and bees on all sides.

2 Butterflies

The butterflies have landed.


We are all Groot.

Bag of Lemons

When life gives you lemons...

3 Gnomes

Three springtime gnomes. This has a cloth flower attached to the hat for a 3D effect.


The sun is rising by the cliff.

Fat Blue Bird

He has eaten a few too much fruit.


The minions are up to no good!

Rainbow Tree

The rainbow tree is swaying in the wind.

Fire Skull

He's one hot guy.

Dragon Skull

Once alive but now only in the movies.

Wine Pour

Let's hope the wine doesn't spill.

Hot Zombie

He's hot alright!

Prickly Situation

This is a desert beauty.

Attitude Owl

Someone has licked his Tootsie Roll Lollipop all the way to the center.

Move the Moon

This is an interactive piece -meaning that the moon does move. You can place it anywhere on the painting that you wish.

Fire Face

This was sold to a lady that collects day of the dead sugar skulls. This was done on a wood slice.

Bat Cat in a Cup

Do these fuzz balls remind you of anything? The lady that bought it knows.


This is an interactive piece meaning that 1 of the bubbles can be picked up and moved to a different location on the canvas.


This is headed to a man cave!

Flaming Rose

This flower is hot! Custom framed by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations.

Eagle Box

This eagle was bought as a gift for a very patriotic gentleman. His wife saw it, and loved it.

Swirling Galaxy

This galaxy had little resin 3D planets on it and was custom framed by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations. (Sorry the picture isn't the best.)

Bird on a box

This bird was an acrylic painting done from a reference photo from Joseph Hagan.

It was painted on top of an antique jewelry box and sealed with gloss.

The painting gave this box a fresh look.

Sunset Ocean

This ocean scene shows all of the beautiful colors of the sunset sky.

Springtime Gnome

This gnome shimmers with a glittery hat.

Large Snail & Mushroom

This is a large resin snail & mushroom attached to a wood slice, embellished with rocks, moss, butterflies and a ladybug.

Creepy Clown

This creepy clown will haunt your dreams. This is done on a wood slice.

Frog & friends

This resin frog is enjoying the lily pad with a dragonfly & a few butterflies. This is done on a wood slice.

Cabin By the Woods

This is a 12x12 painting on a stretched canvas. It was custom framed by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations for the collector of this piece.

Rainbow Trees with Sunburst

This is going to hang in the office of a local therapist. It will brighten her patients' day for sure.


7-1/2" saw blade depicting the horror character. The lady that bought this dressed up as this character & even rode the tricycle! This piece was a great fit for her outfit memory.

Poppy Field

This poppy field was custom framed for us by Les Mackey of L.E.M. Creations.

Girl in the Rain

This girl is being hit by 3D raindrops. This is a small 4 x 4 painting with a resin coating.

Pastel Shroom & Snail

Zombie Elf Portrait

This is going to go on a mantle to spread some holiday cheer.

3 Snowmen Wish

This was done on a 12x12 stretched canvas and was purchased for a Christmas gift. What do you think these snowmen are wishing for?

Sunrise/Sunset Spin Box

This had a sunrise painted on 1 side and a sunset painted on the other side.


This is an air brush done by Joseph Hagan.

Ballet Shoes

This was given as a gift from a husband to his wife, who is a dancer.

Twisty Tree

Dandy Butterfly

Souless Lion

The soul must be hidden behind the eyes...somewhere.

This animal environment is in champagne, merlot & blue colors.

This animal environment is in a blue swirl pattern. Kind of reminds me of china plates.

Rainbow Tree

This is about the 12th version of this tree that I have done. Each version is different. This one has chipped glass, butterflies, & resin.

This little animal environment has a variety of mushrooms & animals in a merlot coloring.

Blue Eyed Cat

A friend that was a vendor next to me at The Days of The Dead Horror convention visited Old Town Spring & purchased this sweet kitty.

Sunset Ocean

This was bought to be the "1st piece of art to be hung on the wall" by a gentleman in Arizona.

The orange fantasy flower is being given as gift for a graduate.

Moon Phases

The interactive moon phases are being displayed in a couples home that recently moved to the area from New Orleans. Welcome to Texas!


When in Texas, paint bluebonnets.


These sunflowers were done with palette knives. I added a few metal bees for another element.

Ocean Wave

This wave was also done with palette knives. Many, many layers of paint to create this!

Colorful Hummingbird

Lots of color for this little birdy. Custom framed by Les Mackey of LEM Creations, with all the color accent rocks to match.